1. Quality guarantee is given for all our Goods. This guarantee is also known as a legal or factory guarantee. The period of validity may vary: like other conditions, the period is indicated in the description of the product or on the invoice accompanying the product purchased, which is the same as the warranty card.

2. The warranty takes effect from the date of sale of the tyres.

3. The warranty is valid from the date of the date of purchase of the tyres. No claims shall be accepted if the tyre is found by the company's responsible person or, if necessary, by a committee to be mechanically damaged, to have been operated with an incorrect size/type or quality rim, to have inadequate air pressure in the tyre, to be incorrectly mounted, or to have a faulty vehicle chassis.

4. Tyre mileage is not covered by warranty

5. The warranty applies to the tyre not mounted on the rim.

6. Product pictures are for illustrative purposes only, original products may differ from those shown. The photographs shown cannot be used as a basis for any claim. A product is considered to be of good quality if it corresponds to the sample, model or description provided in the online shop.

7. Potentially defective Goods shall first be submitted to the Seller's after-sales service and only if the Goods are found to be defective may the Buyer's request for defective Goods be fulfilled.

8. The manufacturer's warranty is valid only if the product is used in accordance with its operating conditions.

9. Goods not collected from the Warranty Service Centre and/or from the Seller and handed over for warranty service shall be stored for 3 (three) months. This period shall start to run from the first notification to the Buyer, via the contacts indicated by the Buyer (telephone, e-mail, etc.), that the Buyer may collect the Goods upon their return from the after-sales service centre. If the Buyer fails to collect the Goods within the time limit, the Seller shall have the right to discontinue storage of the Goods and the Goods may be disposed of.

11. The Seller's quality guarantee does not limit or restrict the rights of the Buyer (consumer) under the law in the event of the purchase of a product or service of inadequate quality. Disputes concerning the quality of the Goods, their return and other conditions of sale shall be settled in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Conditions of Sale and Purchase and in accordance with national legislation.